Four complementary modalities deliver powerful results!!

In today toxic environment it is essential to have a healthy detoxification regimen to maintain health and avoid disease. Utilizing Colon Hydrotherapy along with the ionCleanse foot bath, BioMat and Bemer, is comprehensive program to give the personal edge in combating these toxins!  We are here to help you through a life style change with diet while providing ways to cope in a stressful environment.

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“I have learned from Ana, a detox is needed to cleanse the unpleasant challenges that life holds. This effects the body, mind and soul. Once you let go, you are truly able to grow! This is not only a cleanse yet, an invitation to a healthy and happy lifestyle”. 

“Weightloss and my stomach feels toner!”

— Danielle Y, Hamburg, MI


Through cleaning, I began craving the healthier things in life. The services Ana provides have truly changed my lifestyle. More energy while feeling happier are just a couple of the great benefits!

Erica J., Lansing, MI

“The way I feel is amazing! Weight-loss is just an extra bonus.”

— Diane N., Howell, MI