The body, mind and spirit work as a system of energy. We interconnect within these areas, keeping energy flowing within. Energy flow can be abundant or restricted, depending on our ‘state of being’, with in each moment it changes constantly. 



Why Detoxify?

In today’s toxic environment, we are consuming millions of toxins, chemicals, additives, and preservatives in the air we breathe and the food we eat, every day. Our bodies were never meant to absorb these toxins, it can have a negative effect on our digestive and immune systems with symptoms including:

 • bloating, constipation, and flatulence • poor skin and hair health • fatigue and loss of energy • weight gain • insomnia and poor sleep • cravings for salt, sugar, and processed foods • irritability • recurring illness 

Detoxification programs provide a natural way to help cleanse these toxins out of our systems. Consider it a reset button on your body, providing you with renewed energy and a strengthened immune system to improve overall health.





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The Body, our outer shell, is a product of both the mind and soul. How it is cared for daily greatly impacts our world.  The body’s magic formula for survival is sleep, diet, environment and exercise. These can promote longevity or disease.  We teach ways to apply exercise to creating stamina and energize your body.



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The Mind, the interactive mechanism between the body and spirit. The mind registers and filters emotion (the language of the spirit) and registers nerve impulses generated by the body. The degree of communication between the body, mind, and spirit depends the flow of intension, positive or negative, within our thoughts. 



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The Spirit, ultimately responsible for giving the body its life force. In subtle ways, it guides and directs our behavior through actions in the physical form. When your spirit chooses to leave the physical body, the body perishes. The spirit is driven by wisdom, love and universal service. It is where passion, motivation and quest for growth begin. 




“Ana, has helped me to let go. I didn't realize by ‘not letting go’ I was keeping myself from reaching my highest potential!  It’s easy to let go when you realize abundance is shortly to follow. She helped create a space within myself to welcome the new in. Literally!! ” -Frannie, Brighton, MI